What is the motorcycle grand prix

Races are organized worldwide, however some gain extreme popularity than others, and Grand prix is one of them which is not new, in fact it is being organized since 1949. Another reason for which motorcycle riders love this race is due to especially designed motorcycles used in this race, and they are not available for public use. Motorcycle owners look for motorcycle exhaust parts from them, so that they are able to modify their bike like the bikes use in this race.

What is the motorcycle grand prix?

The championship is currently divided into three classes: MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3. MotoGP, the premier class of GP motorcycle racing, has changed dramatically in recent years. From the mid-1970s through to 2001 and the bikes are different in appearance as well as motorcycle parts are different from regular bikes, especially manufactured for providing riders better grip over the bike and decreasing chances of accidents on the twisted turns on the racing track.

In 2002, rule changes were introduced to facilitate the phasing out of the two-strokes. The rules permitted manufacturers to choose between running two-stroke engines of 500 cc or less or four-strokes of 990 cc or less and therefore the race is becoming popular and popular.